“BOOM. BOOM. BOOM.”  So began the first story I ever wrote about a young dinosaur clomping through the wilds of a Jurassic land. I don’t recall any other details. But what I remember perfectly was my first grade teacher Mrs. Hokenson’s reaction to my onomatopoeiac introduction. I handed her my paper. She adjusted her glasses and read. Long seconds passed. Then her head tipped, her lips parted, and her laugh bellowed. In that moment I was hooked on writing… on stories… and on eliciting emotion.

Since, I’ve traveled a twisty story-telling path. My professional writing career launched as a New England newspaper reporter. Later I shifted to telling stories visually through graphic design and eventually opened my award-winning, boutique firm studiowink. After years of spinning other people’s tales, I returned to telling stories for children with the goal of shaking some feeling out of my readers and maybe — if I’m lucky — a bellowing laugh.

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